Time to take the horse by the reins.

We create unique employee benefit programs that increase value while reducing costs. 


We create unique employee benefit programs that increase value while reducing costs.


Premiums based on your specific group rather than the large pool that raises cost across the board.


We assess then advise your company on how to strategically navigate the healthcare system.

Expect more…

Not all benefit plans are created equal. We demand value, fair costs and transparency for your employee benefits.


Big-time benefits that fit in your pocket. 

As much as personalized human contact is the backbone of how we do things here at Better Source. We also understand that it’s important to leverage latest technology to make managing and accessing benefits quicker and easier than ever before for our clients and their employees. 

Blazing a trail to better benefits.

Let us be up front. Here at Better Source, we’re not interested in being part of the status quo that you may be used to with employee benefits – nor should you want us to be. The current state of healthcare is high premium, low value insurance plans that arbitrarily increase year after year. Our innovative strategies give you, the employer, the ability to control costs and benefits with more flexibility and upside for your bottom line. As your consultant and healthcare advocate, it’s important to us that you know when you’re eligible for more cost effective healthcare solutions for your company.

Get in. We’ll show you the way.

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