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John Clay, Next Generation Benefits Leader.
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John Clay

Next Generation Benefits Adviser

Companies partner with benefits adviser John Clay to deliver great benefits to their employees while staying within budget. John’s goal isn’t to sell insurance but to provide clients with a strategic approach to their benefits plan to meet the company’s business goals and drive more revenue to its bottom line. With over 25 years of experience in employee benefits and consulting, he has built BetterSource Benefits into an authority in the employee benefits space, delivering valuable Business Solutions that solve critical business and HR problems.


World Health Care Congress 2019

In this interview, employee benefits expert, John Clay, breaks down the NExtGen Benefits Toolbox and the impact it has on providing better quality healthcare for 20-40% less than common healthcare plans. 

Breaking Through the Status Quo

In John’s new book, he’s not shy about sharing innovative secrets and real life examples of how he consistently saves companies insane amounts on their yearly healthcare spend.

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