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One Size Fits One.

Our Private Group Purchasing model considers individual factors related to the employer industry and short-term / long-term goals to make sure there is a synergy with the corporate value and mission.

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The new world of stop-loss implies the long-term solution for your self-funding plan. It is the only option to protect your company from the increase of the premium in the high-claim years.

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Self-Funding Pools

The private group solution gives an opportunity for easy and pain-free conversion of 50-1000 person groups from Fully Insured to Self-Funded.  No claims data and no medical questionnaires required.

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Benefits Experience, Upgraded

Discover All The Ways A Well-Designed Benefits Plan Can Serve Your Company 

Your benefits plan is eligible to become one of the essential tools for achieving your corporate goals – such as increasing sales, talent acquisition, meeting annual financial targets, establishing new partnerships, and expansion.

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For more than 10 years, The Better Source Benefits team have specialized in effective self-funded employee benefits solutions for small to midsize employers.
The Consortium programs presented by Better Source Benefits extend the well-known concept of the enterprise self-funding to smaller groups starting at 50 employees that were previously seen as too small to self-fund safely. 

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Breaking Through the Status Quo

Download a free chapter of John Clay’s best-selling book on how to break the status quo of employee benefits by taking advantage of proven strategies that will improve your bottom line as well as your employees’ health plan.

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Learn the secret strategies that the nation’s largest companies use to save 25-40% on employee benefits. Unlock your free chapter of John’s book below.

Complete control at the tip of your fingertips. 

As much as personalized human contact is the backbone of how we do things here at Better Source. We also understand that it’s important to leverage the latest technology to make managing and accessing benefits quicker and easier than ever before for our clients and their employees.

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Blazing a trail to better benefits.

Let us be upfront. Here at Better Source, we’re not interested in being part of the status quo that you may be used to with employee benefits – nor should you want us to be. The current state of healthcare is high premium, low-value insurance plans that arbitrarily increase year after year. Our innovative strategies give you, the employer, the ability to control costs and benefits with more flexibility and upside for your bottom line. As your consultant and healthcare advocate, it’s important to us that you know when you’re eligible for more cost-effective healthcare solutions for your company.

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