$400,000 in Savings Instead Of Predicted $250,000

Releasing the trapped capital from Community Action Partnership (CAP)’s healthcare plan

Cumulative Healthcare Savings

At a Glance

Community Action Partnership (CAP) is a non-profit organization established under the New Deal, primarily funded by federal resources. CAP is dedicated to providing training and occupational enhancement services to a diverse demographic, including young adults, post-secondary graduates, and individuals facing career transitions. 

This case study explores how Better Source Benefits improved CAP’s healthcare benefits, won the case, and brought significant savings to the organization. 

Remarkable Savings

  • The partnership yielded substantial savings, with an initial year reduction of $780,000 in comparison to the previous year’s costs
  • Even more impressively, CAP managed to secure a flat rate renewal, resulting in no increase in healthcare costs for the organization. 

Initial Consultation

  • Three years ago, Better Source Benefits reached out to CAP’s CEO with a proposal to enhance their benefits and financial performance. 
  • The CEO granted the consultant an opportunity to provide guidance, under the condition that the consultant would guarantee results with no change if the promised improvements were not achieved. 
  • A consulting contract was established, and the consultant presented findings and recommendations to CAP.
  • CAP implemented the consultant’s recommendations, but retained their existing insurance broker. 


Better Source Benefits and CAP collaborated to implement a strategic healthcare solution, which included the following components: 

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