No limits for this city’s savings

Huge healthcare refunds for the city of Corbin, Kentucky

Cumulative Healthcare Savings


The city of Corbin, KY used to pay close to $600,000 in healthcare premiums for its 100 employee group through its fully-insured plan each year. Although we frequently discussed switching plans, leadership was hesitant of change – until they had enough.


After cost modeling revealed their fully-insured plan was far overpriced based on group data, we transition into a partially self-funded plan that delivered lower premiums and more flexibility. This data-driven health plan design also gives employees access higher quality care at lower cost.


Since initially signing on, the city of Corbin has saved more than $440,000 over the last two years while also eliminating co-pays for prescription maintenance medications and reducing max out-of-pocket expenses by 45%. 

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